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What do you remember about your wedding?


What things do you most remember about your wedding?

The thing that I remember most was the evening of our wedding. We had a nice morning wedding on a beautiful February morning. That evening when it was just my new husband and I we didn’t have alot of money and had to be back at work on Monday so we did what we could. We went to our favorite resteraunt Macaroni Grill. There we had a nice candle light dinner with my favorite wine. The waitress evening sang opera to us. Then we shared a piece of cake together and it was just perfect. After that we went into Dallas and went for their romantic carriage ride, where I received 2 dozen roses that he had bought for me. So we just cuddled under the blankets, listened to music, and enjoyed the evening with nothing else in the world to care about. When we were done with that we went back to our new apartment. It was completely decorated in roses, candles, and little white lights. Our friends had decorated it while we were gone. The had a bed made for us in front of the fire place with a fire lit. And there was a tray of fresh strawberries and cream and a bottle of champagne. I will never forget the wonderful evening we shared together for the first time as husband and wife.

~ Mesha


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