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Who would have thunk it?


Unromantic (romantic)

of the most romantic adventures I ever had happened when I didn’t
know where I was going until the moment I got there. My husband,
John, is naturally a funny man. He keeps me laughing with his impressions
and witty observations. He is also a self-described unromantic!

of the blue, John asked me to pack my bags so that they would be
ready for the upcoming three day weekend. Where we were going was
going to be a surprise, he said. Even though he usually can’t
keep a secret, he managed all week to keep that one. On Friday afternoon
he picked me up from work. We drove south on an interstate highway
for two hours. On the drive we played a guessing game with me trying
to guess where we were going. We laughed and joked the whole way
south. I kept guessing, but I truly had no clue where we were heading.
It was a beautiful spring evening and as the sun was setting we
left the highway and turned onto a country road. I still didn’t
know where we were going. Then suddenly I saw the sign for a mountain
resort that years earlier had been the setting for a romantic movie.
I had never been there, but had heard that it was lovely. The resort
had everything that a couple could want to renew their love for
each other. As he turned down the drive of the resort, he had a
huge smile on his face. The guy who said he was too practical to
be romantic surprised me with one of the most romantic weekends
that I had ever had!



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