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The SURGE of the URGE!

  The SURGE of the URGE! Have you ever heard the expression, “The Urge to Merge”? It is a term relating to sexuality and marriage. The “URGE” symbolizes sexual interest, and the “MERGE” symbolizes marriage union. We see it all around us! Late night TV… Read More »The SURGE of the URGE!

Cut Cupid Some Slack

  Cut Cupid Some Slack Valentine’s Day! What a great idea to set aside a day for remembering those we love. It’s even more than just remembering; it’s romancing. But it is also a holiday that many dread. Because of the romantic tradition of this… Read More »Cut Cupid Some Slack

A Woman’s Aura

  A Woman’s Aura The initial attraction for me is not even a physical thing. Not to sound too new-agey or anything, it’s actually something about a woman’s “aura” that first attracts me to her. Sure, she could be stunningly beautiful, but she could also… Read More »A Woman’s Aura